About Us

We are a family owned and operated CLIA certified Laboratory facility in Miami, FL offering special chemistry, genetic testing, surgical pathology and anatomical pathology. RCE Group has over 35 years of experience directing and operating all forms of clinical labs, hospitals, and even County Medical Examiners offices. We saw a need for a new concept in lab services due to the shifting of priorities and entities in the current local arena.  Although there are hundreds of licensed facilities in the state of Florida, most are limited to certain services within laboratory needs. Our goal is to construct a full-service site focused on clinical pathologic correlations to suit both the research industry and the primary care arena. 


Recent Publications

During the pandemic our company focus shifted from hospital medicine to clinical research. Our goal was to pioneer new methods to help patients at a global scale. COVID-19 was a gateway to learn how we can improve healthcare in the US beginning a new passion for the creation of medical devices and improvement of quality of care.


Full List Coming Soon!

The AU680 clinical chemistry analyser is fully validated and ready for use.